Copii la 18 saptamani de sarcina.




Compania Merck a produs si produce vaccinuri prin utilizarea unor linii celulare provenite de la copilasi avortati:

in anii ’60 si 70: impotriva rujeolei, varicelei si rubelei;

2009: celule de la un copilas avortat la 18 saptamani (vezi ecografie) pentru HIV

prezent: Ebolla.

Petitia cere producerea de vaccinuri prin metode care sa nu foloseasca tesuturile copiilor avortati pentru a oferi persoanelor cu obiectiune de constiinta o alternativa etica.

By CitizenGO USA · 02/25/2015
Merck Pharmaceuticals uses vaccines that are derived from aborted fetal tissue. They provide no ethical alternative for conscientious objectors, who might otherwise get innoculated against dangerous diseases. Let’s urge them to provide an alternative vaccinations that do not further exploit aborted children.

The Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, among others, use human diploid cells derived from two aborted children in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, their bodies have been exploited by pharmaceutical companies like Merck to create vaccines. This is exploitation on a grand scale, which poses serious difficulties for pro-life families and other conscientious objectors.

After massive outcry, Merck promised in 2008 that “No further fetal tissue would be needed now or in the future to produce vaccines.” But one year later, they broke that promise and contracted with a Dutch company to create a new aborted fetal cell line, taken from the retinal tissue of an 18-week gestation baby, which will be used in their new HIV vaccine. Now, even the new Ebola vaccine under development uses aborted fetal tissue cell lines.

This barbaric practice must stop! Ethical alternatives to these vaccines already exist, but they have been stifled by Merck for distribution in the US and Canada. Some ethical alternatives are only available in Japan, and pro-life families have had to travel there to be vaccinated.

Whether you support vaccines or not, we should all be able to agree that pro-life families with conscientious objections should be allowed the opportunity to use ethically-sourced alterative vaccines.

Let’s tell Merck that we won’t tolerate vaccines that profit off of the bodies of murdered children! Let’s tell them to STOP the use of vaccines developed using aborted fetal tissue.

Further information:

List of vaccines that include human diploid cells derived from aborted children
Vaccine package inserts which include aborted fetal tissue cell lines
LifeSiteNews: Facing up to vaccines created with aborted fetal cells
„Merck, as well as other vaccine manufacturers, uses two well-established human cell lines to grow the virus for selected vaccines,” Merck said in a statement to ABC News. „The FDA has approved the use of these cell lines for the production of these Merck vaccines.” Other common vaccines, including those for chicken pox, hepatitis and rabies, are also propagated in cells originating from legally aborted human fetuses, according to the FDA.

We demand an alternative!
To Merck’s Corporate Responsibility Office:

I am deeply concerned about the use of vaccines which use human diploid cells derived from aborted babies, and the ethical problems this poses for those of us who respect the dignity and rights of all human beings, both born and unborn.

Merck provides no alternative vaccines for conscientious objectors. I urge you to find different and ethically permissible ways of creating vaccines, which do not rely on cells derived from aborted children.

Please provide an ethical alternative for those who cannot in good conscience use vaccinations that are derived from aborted fetal tissue.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

PS Cu bucurie accept traducerea unui voluntar! 🙂


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