Center for Bio-Ethical Reform si cei afiliati sau asociati cu acesta au devenit o extraordinara sursa de inspiratie si incurajare pentru mine. Vizita lui Gregg Cunningham si a lui Mats Sellander in octombrie 2011, cu doua conferinte, una la Bucuresti (19 octombrie) si alta la Timisoara ( 20 octombrie) au fost o binecuvantare. Alaturat relatarea acestei vizite:


„A priest named Father Balint Vincentiu recorded our Bucharest conference to use for training purposes in other parts of the country. Another priest named Father Fabian who directs the familylife ministry of the Bucharest Diocese asked excellent questions about what kinds of materials would be appropriate to present in schools, the ages when it is appropriate to use those materials, and whether boys should be separated from girls for lessons. I told him essentially that prenatal development teaching was both appropriate and important at any age and referred him to the incomparable prenatal development website at http://www.ehd.org. I also told him that students should be taught about abortion as soon as they are old enough to become pregnant and recommended that boys and girls be separated. I spoke through a translator and the audience included a Bulgarian pastor named Spasova and his wife Elizabet whom we are now helping establish a CBR presence in their country. Father Emil Moraru, who directs the bioethics program for the Bucharest Archdiocese, coordinates pro-life events and teaches bioethics at the local nursing school, listened with keen interest to the talk presented by our CBR-Poland affiliate Mariusz Drierzawski. Mariusz has persuaded Polish priests to allow him to hang large CBR abortion photo signs from the outer walls of the Czenstokowa pilgrimage center and many other churches. Literally millions of people are seeing these images.”

Entuziasmul initial nu a fost urmat de nici o actiune la Timisoara, iar la Bucuresti am ramas unica persoana convinsa de utilitatea prezentarii adevarului brutal al avortului, ceea ce a condus la initierea acestui blog.

Daca informatiile prezentate in acest blog v-au convins despre eficienta expunerii adevarului despre avort si necesitatea urgentei extraordinare a folosirii ei in public, va rog sa ma contactati pentru a  actionam impreuna. Inceputul e intotdeauna dificil, dar  unde-s multi puterea creste!

CBR Worldwide

CBR UK is part of an international family of pro-life individuals and groups. CBR UK’s parent affiliate (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) began in the United States in 1990. Since then, affiliates and associates have formed around the world.

An affiliate has more formally agreed to be part of CBR and to focus on doing our projects following our basic guidelines. They may or may not choose to use the CBR name. The associates use CBR photos and materials, but they are not officially part of CBR and they typically only keep in touch with us minimally.

Look for a contact near you who’s implementing CBR strategy and projects:

Sweden (Hagersten)
MRO-Manniskoratt for Ofodda
Phone: +46-(0)734- 25 47 51
E-mail: info@abortnej.se
Website: http://www.abortnej.se
Contact: Mats Selander

England (Sussex)
Phone: 08448 22 17 67
E-mail: info@abort67.co.uk
Website: http://www.abort67.co.uk
Contact: Andrew Stephenson


Centrum pre Bioeticku Reformu

Moskovska 9
071 01 Michalovce
Phone: +421 (0) 69 208 6292

Finland (Helsinki)
Ihmisoikeusjarjesto Pro Life Suomi ry
Address: P.O.Box 52, FIN-00421
E-mail: info@lopettakaatappaminen.tk
Website: http://www.lopettakaatappaminen.tk
Contact: Mirko Brummer or Mika Ebeling

Poland (Warsaw)
Fundacjo Pro – prawo do zycia
Address: ul. Kopernika 34 lok. 405
00-336 Warszawa
Phone: 0048 608 594 158
E-mail: mariusz@fundacjapro.org.pl
Website: http://www.stopaborcji.pl
Contact: Mariusz Dzierzawski

Czech Republic
Website: http://www.stopgenocide.cz

The Netherlands

AbortionInformation.eu / AbortusInformatie.nl
Address: P.O. Box 16426
1001 RM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)6 20464326
E-mail: info@abortusinformatie.nl
Website: http://www.abortusinformatie.nl
Contact: Irene van der Wende

Russia (Yaroslavl)
Positive Virus
Address: 150052, Yaroslavl,
Gromova str.18-64
Phone: +7(902) 331 01 00
E-mail: g.evo@mail.ru
Website: http://www.abortu.net
Contact: Vadim Zharov

South Africa (Johannesburg)
Address: P O Box 27663
Bertsham, Johannesburg
Gauteng, South Africa, 2013
E-mail: info@abortionNO.co.za
Website: http://www.abortionno.co.za
Contacts: Zain & Joelene Reddiar

Address: c/o Alove Kossivi
Lome -TOGO
Phone: + 228 961 22 13 (Alove kossivi in Togo)
Phone: 813-841-5908 (Albert in Florida)
E-mail: alovekos@yahoo.fr or lacompassion20@yahoo.fr
Website: http://www.lacompassion-togo.webs.com
Contact: Anyinefa (Albert) Komlan (US)

Ghana (Nyinahin)
Ghana Pro-Life
Address: Nyinahin Church of Christ
PO Box 33
Nyinahin – Ash., Ghana
Phone: 00233 0249 133487
E-mail: okyerecoc@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.ghanaprolife.webs.com
Contact: Francis Nyamekye


Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
Phone: 1-403-668-0485
E-mail: email@unmaskingchoice.ca
Website: unmaskingchoice.ca
Contact: Stephanie Gray

North America

CBR Headquarters
Address: P.O. Box 219
Lake Forest, CA, 92609-0219
Phone: 001-949-206-0600
E-mail: info@cbrinfo.org
Website: http://www.abortionNO.org
Contact: Gregg Cunningham

CBR Hawaii
Address: 111 Hekili Street, Suite A-141
Kailua, Hawaii, 96734
Phone: 001-808-224-4000
E-mail: steve@cbrinfo.org
Contact: Steve Holck

CBR Southwest
Phone: 001-602-478-4446
E-mail: jwalsh@cbrinfo.org
Contact: Jason Walsh

CBR Colorado Regional Office
Phone: 720-320-2449
Email: rlozano@cbrinfo.org
Contact: Rosalinda Lozano

CBR Midwest
Address: PO Box 360503
Columbus, OH, 43236
Phone: 001-614-759-5195
E-mail: cbrmidwest@cbrinfo.org
Website: http://www.cbrmidwest.org
Contact: Darius Hardwick

CBR Missouri/Kansas
Address: P.O. Box 481132
Kansas City, MO, 64148
Phone: 001-816-918-9873
E-mail: bill@cbrinfo.org
Contact: Bill Calvin

CBR Southeast
Address: PO Box 20115
Knoxville, TN, 37940
Phone: 001-865-609-9033
E-mail: Fletcher@ prolifeoncampus.com
Website: http://www.prolifeoncampus.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ProLifeOnCampus
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/ProLifeOnCampus
Contact: Fletcher Armstrong

CBR Maryland
P.O. Box 43550
Baltimore, MD, 21236
Phone: 001- 410-913-3931 (Kurt) or 001-443-504-5174 (Samantha)
E-mail: klinnemann@cbrinfo.org or
Contact: Kurt and Samantha Linnemann

CBR Florida
Address: PO Box 560625
Orlando, FL, 32856-0625
Phone: 001-407-810-3515
E-mail: CBRFL@cbrinfo.org
Contact: Mike Schrimsher

New England
Leslie Sneddon, Regional Director
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform-CBR New England
P.O. Box 276
Richmond, Maine 04357
207-607-3488 mobile






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